Rock-ons container

any rock-on based or similar to Docker?

@ZeusMR Hello there.

See the following documentation section:

Rock-ons (Docker Plugins): Rock-ons (Docker Plugins) — Rockstor documentation

Rock-ons are a Docker wrapper. Regarding the referenced docker image:

  • filebrowser/filebrowser

The current full list of available Rock-ons are as per the Rockstor Web-UI display which is currently the same as those available in our Rock-on GitHub repository:

Our docs are often behind the full list.

Also note that the above rockon-registry has instructions on writing/submitting your own Rock-ons.

Hope that helps.


@ZeusMR if you choose to accept the challenge on submitting a Rockon for fileserver, I would recommend to focus on the version (tag) that uses linuxserver’s s6 overlay instead of the alpine version:

That will then allow you (in typical fashion) to specify a User and Group ID that then also should allow to contain the container to managing files/directories that you want (as opposed to root, unless that’s what you are looking for).

If you’re looking for a quick option to manage/copy/move files without using the command line (or doing it, say, from Windows Explorer on a connected machine), then you could install something like Midnight Commander and access it through the Rockstor Shell in the WebUI. Some time ago, there was a discussion around that:

Obviously comes with pros and cons as well, and depends on what your use case is.

Good luck.


Well, I somehow had some time on my hands. I created an issue and a Pull Request for filebrowser on github just now:

I successfully installed it on my test machine … tricky part is to ensure the initial database file has the correct permissions, but other than that, no issue running it.

So, whenever this one goes through another review cycle it might become available. If you can’t wait that long you can check out the json submitted and roll your own.


@Hooverdan Thanks for this, it will likely take me a few days to get to reviewing this myself however.

@ZeusMR We do have a Wiki article with instructions on how to review pending Rock-on pull requests:

Hope that helps.

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@Hooverdan & @ZeusMR Re:

Finnally got to this and I’ve detailed some issues in the PR review but published what we have to date. We can always revisit, and I’m not keen on the fiddly need to create the initial empy db file !

But it’s now in production.

Hope that helps.