Rockstor 4.0.9.generic Install Issues

Hello all! Back at it again trying to get v4 installed. VM install works fine but on my hardware I can’t get past the post install steps:
Installer loads, formats the drive, loads the raw image, kernel loads up until the Fuse steps and then freezes as seen below:

MB: Asus M5A78L-M
CPU: AMD AM3… (oh man it’s been so long I don’t recall, will check next time i have a running OS on it)
RAM: 32GB ECC Crucial (originally this box ran FreeNAS back in the v6/7 days)
HBA_1: LSI SAS9220-8i
HBA_2: Rosewill PCI 4port SATA card

I’m downloading Leap 15.3 again as I had 15.2 on my iodd drive so will test that install next.
Anybody have any thoughts? Did a search for similar issues but didn’t find any stuck at this point.

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I have the boot drive cabled to the Rosewill card right now. I’ve been able to install CentOS/OMV w/ that setup so I know it’s possible but will quickly swap that SSD over to the MB to rule out that card as well.

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Well finally had some time to mess w/ this after work. I’ve got as far as leap 15.3 installed but on the “Loading Linux Kernel” screen it’s frozen… well not frozen per say, it’s still progressing but after having it run all afternoon it’s only at about 80%.

It ran normally to about 19% and then stayed there for hours.
I was working so I just let it go and just checking it, it’s almost there, lol (probably a span of 6 or more hours) so something is up w/ SuSE and this hardware.

Will try to do a recovery boot and see if i can’t get to a shell to check /var/log/messages and/or /var/log/dmsg but oooof, problem after problem here… it’s killing me :confused:

The USB ports on this board are bad :frowning:
Swapped to the 2.0’s but I’m still stuck just a bit further in the loading process…

Now going to test leap 15.3 :tired_face:

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I’ve had strangeness on an Asus board before (Haswell age on multiple distros) concerning some go faster stripes re USB 3.1 they had ‘implemented’. There were bios settings that helped by disabling some of these features.

Also, from the sounds of it, you have a massive slow down. Given you have ECC memory it may actually be ‘bad’: but given it’s nature it ECC self-correct. The slow down may be a massive amount of self correction going on. Try removing half of the memory, and if no improvement replace that half with the half you removed. I think you get the idea.

Also note our Pre-Install Best Practice (PBP): doc section and specifically the subsection. The tests may show up as OK (ECC build in correction) but there are benchmarks there which may help you see a difference between hopefully one half of memory and the other half. If you have 4 ‘sticks’ then you could divide again and hopefully narrow down to a single stick.

I’ve seen massive slowdown myself from bad memory in drive controllers and routers come to think of it where they sit there self correcting the hole time until they have something that looks to check-out.

Just a thought. A Rockstor install should take just a few minutes from power on to working Web-UI on anything from the last few years. But of course a slow install and/or target device/s is going to impact this quite considerably.

Just a thought anyway as you really shouldn’t be seeing such horrible performance. Even on 11 year old hardware.

Hope that helps.


If you need a new MOBO/CPU combo, I have many that will be EBayed soon unless otherwise used.

Most of it is somewhat dated but run fine. Everything from AMD 6172 to 3570K to 2700K Eng to E3-1240 v2 to Phenom X6 stuff…