Rockstor 4 Installation

I am struggling a little bit to get the new v4 installed. I have installed openSUSE with LEAP 15.3 onto my PC and that is working fine. I have followed the instructions on the Github page and have created the rockstor-installer directory. There is a file in that folder - my understanding is that is the equivalent of an ISO file. What do I need to do now to get rockstor actually installed?
Apologies if this is obvs - I am relatively new to this

That .kiwi file is effectively a config file that has all the relevant nuts and bolts to create an .iso installation file.

Have you run the build process yet? This will take a while but will spit out the .iso file, using the config items in the .kiwi file.

While I think about it (its been a while since I did the build process), IIRC the resulting install iso will be found in /home/kiwi-images/

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Many thanks Geoff
I haven’t carried out the build stage - just doing that now. What do I need to do once it has created the ISO file?

Thats good.

Once it’s completed, you will have an installable iso file, just like any other iso installer.
Burn it to a CD, or a USB stick, and boot from it.
The actual install process is documented here:

Remember, this is a fresh install of the OS and NAS software, so select the correct drive to install to. My advice would be to disconnect all data drives, leaving only the system disk in place that you want to install to (from the CD or USB drive). That way there’s no chance of installing to the wrong disk.

Are you planning to install to the same current system disk on your PC? If so this will overwrite the existing Leap 15.3 installation that was used to create the Rockstor installer ISO.

If possible, and just a thought, you might want to install to a VM to check it installs without issue, before trashing the ‘proper’ PC system drive.

EDIT: One thing I meant to mention, and @Hooverdan will smile at this, but do you have decent backups of your data already? Just in case things don’t go as planned…

ANOTHER EDIT: And the installer iso should come in at about 600MB in size.


Fab, I think I’m getting this sorted out. I’ve already disconnected my data drive so that it will only install onto my OS HDD. I’m having to do this as my v3 busted when the data drive blew up. Fortunately it was a backup and so I’ve got the data safe - so no worries about losing data.
I’ve found a very large .iso file and will create an install disc from that. Many thanks for your help - much apprciated


That’s excellent news, well done! Fingers crossed all goes well, and I have no reason to doubt it will.

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Some quick feedback: I followed your instructions/advice and everything has installed fine - many thanks for your help, much appreciated :+1::+1: