The main website is dead. This prevent installing/updating including the main app and also the rock-ons.
It seems like a server migration failure. Changing DNS too soon, or something. The website is a default ISP site currently. I hope it will be fixed soon.

@Peter_Donka Yes we are now aware of this and it looks very much like Sonic, the original hoster and current DNS admins have changed what was a working ip for of:

to one of their parked ones. It is suspect that this was due to some kind ‘procedure’ when they were asked to close the hosting for that page. But our newer hosting is working as before but as you say DNS is here there and everywhere. I suspect a blip as

has the correct and working IP.

But cloudflair (, has sonics parked domain ip. However Google ( and OpenDNS ( resolve correctly to:

And we have had a successful and fully propagated resolution of to the currently active and correct hosting at for a number of weeks now. But sonic has just been asked to turn off their prior hosting of and looks like they took it upon themselves to temporarily propogate the parked domain ip:

PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=51 time=151 ms

I currently don’t have admin on the DNS but from the above it does look to be on the mend. Assuming the canonical sonic DNS entry from the above first url where we have:

PING A.AUTH-NS.SONIC.NET ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=51 time=147 ms

and in turn:



Ergo, hopefully on the mend. I’m certainly not all that up on DNS but I’m hoping this looks like we are essentially on the mend now. Do feel free to chip in if I’ve missed something here.

Our only change to that domain for the last few weeks was a very recent request to turn off the old hosting which had not been in play for a few weeks. It looks like that was the cause of this blip of a parked domain propagation.

Yes, me too. Appologies for the inconvenience but it doesn’t look like it’s in our hands actually, probably some kind of ‘procedure’ when a domain site is no longer hosted by sonic. But as I see it they now have the correct and currently working ip for these services in place now:

So for the time being we have:
main page at:
and from there docs works.
rockons are still good but of course not yet accessible via name due to above DNS blip:

So as you say, DNS messed up by our request to sonic to no longer host these things but maintain the prior working of weeks ip entry as they still manage the DNS for this domain. looks to be OK as it’s a cname to shopify.

And all other subdomains look to be good. Just the top
N.B. this will also temporarily affect building rockstor from source. If this problem persists I’ll change the GitHub code to use the ip rather than as per:

Lets see if things propagate OK from what looks now to be correct at Sonic’s canonical DNS to Cloudflair etc. But at least it’s good now at google OpenDNS.

Thanks for the head up.

OK, just heard form @suman (DNS admin) and sure enough Sonic had reverted / reset our A record for without having been asked to do this. Must have been some kind of ‘procedure’ but it looks at least now that we have propagation of the correct ip again.

But Cloudflair ( and Google ( are still reporting the ‘parked’ ip:


Non-authoritative answer:

But OpenDNS are good:

Non-authoritative answer:

So should just be a matter of time now.

Apologies again folks. All we did was turn off the old hosting. It wasn’t expected that this would reset the A record that we have already set, week ago, to our new hosting at:

So again our canonical DNS reference now looks to be as expected again:



So we do look to be on the mend.

Let us know if their is anything else I’ve missed here. Looks like we have tracked down the cause and resolved the inadvertent change to our ongoing hosting. And it should now just be a matter of time before this propagates.

Hope that helps.

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@Peter_Donka By the way, welcome to the Rockstor community.

With all the DNS commotion I forgot may manners.

At least in my neck of the woods (UK) most major DNS providers now look to be reporting correctly, at least on the large majority of request so we look to be on the mend now.

Thanks again for posting and hopefully the above was a fair report of what happened, why (sort of), and it’s resolution.

So you should now, or soon, but up and running again hopefully. DNS is a pain, especially when changed from under us without notice or request to do so. Oh well, looks like we are up and running again now.

Hope your are now sorted and thanks again for the report.

Thanks a lot @phillxnet!

I can confirm that it is now working for me as well (US).

@Flox Cheers, and thanks to yourself and @roberto0610 for the heads up on this issue also. And thanks to @suman for quickly chasing up Sonics un welcome and unexpected DNS reconfiguration.

Lest hope for a quite time DNS wise for a bit.