Rockstor incorrectly reports that storage pool contains OS

I seem to have encountered a bug in Rockstor 3.8.15 where it marks all storage polls with:

“Warning! This Pool is created during install and contains the OS. You can create Shares in it like in any other pool on the system. However, operations like resize, compression and deletion are not allowed.”

I also see duplicates of all my disk with the following error:

"Warning! Disk unusable as pool member - serial number is not legitimate or unique.

Disk names may change unfavourably upon reboot leading to inadvertent drive reallocation and potential data loss. This error is caused by the source of these disks such as your Hypervisor or SAN. Please ensure that disks are provided with unique serial numbers before proceeding further."

@johnavp1989 Welcome to the Rockstor forum.

Could you post details of your setup, ie are you running Rockstor in a Virtual Machine or on real hw? Some VM setups are known to produce this result when not properly configured for Rockstor, or udev for that matter. I.e in vmware it is required that you add:


to your VMX file used to define the Rockstor VM.

@Bill_Kindle covers the procedure in a recent post:

Also note that it is not the ‘pools’ that are marked but the disks themselves, ie the pools page does not show this message only the disks page. But this must be sorted for a stable system as the message indicates.

Also, could you post a screen grab of the ‘Disks’ page showing all your disks. Note that Rockstor has a requirement for all it’s drives (including the system drive) to have unique and stable serial numbers (hence the messages), as all ‘real’ drives do, but not all VM technologies default to passing these serials through or generating them where they are not available, ie with virtual drives. This is an absolute requirement as we depend on the /dev/disk/by-id names created by the udev system and it in turn depends on device serials in order to generate these names and have them remain stable. We do have an outstanding documentation issue on this to update our minimum system requirements:

And we may have a beginner committer lining up to use this issue as a way to learn the ropes as it were.

Hope that helps.

Apologies, I slightly misread your report, no worries. If you first look to sorting the serial warning the system pool warning may be sorted too as without unique serials there is no way to track drives, boot sectors and filesystems yes, but not drives and so we must have them sorted first and it is assumed they are unique and stable. So my initial thoughts on your issues is to clarify first that you have these serials in place.

Hi Philiip,

The box is a SuperMicro Storage Server with three LSI 2208 HBA’s and 72 disks. RockStor is running directly on metal so this isn’t introduced by virtualization. I’ve verified that I can query the serial numbers from the CLI without any issue.

This isn’t an issue that appears immediately either. The array had been up and working properly for a few weeks and I’ve even restarted a number of times without this issue appearing.

Unfortunately I’ve already removed RockStor from the device so I cannot provide screenshots. I’ve got an identical device that is still running Rockstor and experiencing it’s own set of issues. See :Rebalance Fails

If this same issue appears on that install I’ll post screenshots then.

@johnavp1989 Ok thanks. Sorry I couldn’t respond sooner. Yes definitely one worth debug the next time as not easy to guess what happened with nothing left to work through. Never mind. I’ll respond to your other thread re that issue. We do need as much info as possible up front to effectively diagnose ‘in the right direction’ though.


jumping in on this problem. I have 3.9.1-8 running on bare metal. Rockstore runs from an SD-Card via USB3 and has 2 partitions on it (/ and a docker part).
Now i get the following error meassage on the DISK page which seems to be a Bug and sounds equal to the OPs.

As i understand the disk page should only show disks an NOT partiions. Thats why the error occurs i guess (same serial no. problem)

@g6094199 Hello again.

Yes; we don’t support custom partitioning on the system drive unfortunately, helps to keep data and system separated. You can however, with a few restrictions, add shares to your system drive. Your setup ‘as is’ will have undetermined consequences. Thanks for the report but this is not something we cater for and given the system drive is a ‘special case’ (hence only normally showing part3 on that drive) it is not likely to be supported soon; especially given the more ‘native’ approach available of say creating a rock-ons root share within the rockstor_rockstor pool to host, in this case, docker for example.

Hope that helps.