Rockstor not recognizing previous configuration

Our Rockstor system was working great until the drive that it was installed on died. We backuped the connfigurations, reinstalled the os, and restored using the Rockstor files we saved.

However, after performing this new install with the Rockstor restore feature, we can see that the operating system can view the drives but Rockstor is not able to see the raid drives. We are now concerned that the data is not accessible, is there a step we are missing so Rockstor can see the drives?

@erik_llorente Welcome to the Rockstor community.

Yes the Configuration Backup and Restore feature does not save/restore the pool/share/clone/snapshot side of things, as this is managed via the usual import facility.

We do have a section at the end of the Reinstalling Rockstor Howto entitled Data Import that in turn links to the relevant Import BTRFS Pool subsection of the Disks page.

Your query has highlighted an inadequacy in the interlinks between the referenced doc section so I have opened the following issue so that we might address this going forward:

Hope that helps and that your system returns to it’s proper function. And thanks for highlighting this short fall in our docs; the “Configuration Backup and Restore” section is in need of a little attention.

Thanks for the links, that looks to be exactly what I need. However, during the course of our troubleshooting, we performed another reinstall and now we can not restore our back. We are receving an import error:


Is there something else we have to do or is there a process to manually enter the json values?


That looks like an issue I myself had last year:

It was fixed as described here:

Maybe this fix has not been implemented on your Rockstor version? Which one are you using?

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Thanks, I updated to 3.9.2-21 and was able to import my configuration files. After following the previous documentation I was able to retrieve my data.

Now I have some error but it says to perform these three actions:

Take a screen capture of this error/screen.
Click to copy the above traceback to your clipboard.
Create a support ticket with information from above two steps here.

The link it provided didn’t work so I will use the information from for this error.

Thanks everyone for the support!

Glad you could at least make some progress and get your data back!