Rockstor over trueNAS core

I do like Rockstor better over trueNAS. I do have a server in production that has an old version of truenas core. It has 1x driver for OS and one 12x disk hardware raid60 for storage.

Wondering if I install Rockstor on top of the system drive. If I will be able to import the previews dataset from tureNAS?

Hi @roberto0610 Rockstor is based purely on BTRFS, and TrueNAS uses ZFS. I don’t believe you will be able to import the existing ZFS pools/datasets in to Rockstor as it simply won’t recognise them - you will need to wipe the data drives to BTRFS and recreate pools & shares in the GUI and copy the data from your backup solution.

Also bear in mind the current safest raid options in BTRFS are raid0, raid1 and raid10. Parity raids are not ‘production ready’ yet.