@chliyun 欢迎来到Rockstor社区
(Welcome to the Rockstor community)

google translate:
(“No other languages to choose from? There is a language choice in the installation interface, but the web-ui interface does not see this option, and only English, I would like to use but the language of the web-ui interface is too unfriendly, I hope in the web-ui interface Can add Chinese language so I can use it better!”)

我们的安装程序来自CentOS。 但是Rockstor界面还没有翻译系统。

(Our installer is from CentOS. But the Rockstor interface has no translation system yet.)


( We do hope to add translations in the future and don’t yet have a Chinese speaking volunteer so if you are willing please consider keeping an eye on: )


( which in turn references the following forum threads: )



(Contributor @Flyer has been the most active on this front. )

对于我们目前在界面中缺乏翻译的应用,这将是一个非常受欢迎的功能。 感谢您的提问,我希望我们能够获得更多贡献者来帮助解决这个相当大的项目。 一旦到位,我也期待尽可能多的翻译。

( Appologies for our current lack of translation in the interface, it would be a much appreciated feature. Thanks for asking and I hope we get more contributors to help tackle this rather large project. And once in place I look forward too as many translations as we can get. )