Samba share private folder

I don’t know how I did it but on my old server I had it set up where if i try to access the server at all in windows I would have to sign in and then it would show 1 folder that all the users have access to and then it would show another folder of the name of the user but other users could not see the user folder where they can put their own files.

Hi Steven,

I’m not sure how well or completely Rockstor has handled this, I don’t believe that it auto-creates per-user shares.

This would require ‘Active Directory’ integration, in order to get the user list from Windows, so you should probably start here:

From there, you’re probably in the realm of custom scripts to define shares in pools and setup Samba on them.

I can still confirm this is an issue and there seem to be no visible way from the GUI to eliminate it. The users are on system and not local accounts assigned through AD. It is unlikely related to AD unless the AD service has some internal bleed over into the rockstor users or the samba service. Is there a way to hide or delete theses “user” shares? Furthermore why are they inaccessible by default? The issues appears on any samba user logins.