Samba shares access

Hello all. I have a question about security in samba shares.
Here’s the scenario -
2 users - User 1 & User 2
User 1 is member of Group 1
User 2 is member of Group 2
Two shares set up Share 1 & Share 2
I want User 1 (and any member of Group 1) to see and edit etc all shares (Share 1 & 2)
I want User 2 (and any member of Group 2) to only see Share 2
Try as I might I cannot work out how to get this to work.
It seems that all samba shares are visible to everyone.

I can set browseable to ‘no’ but it hides the share from everyone.
I’ve searched the interwebs but to no avail.
Is there something I’m missing or is it worse?
Look forward to hearing from you…
Many thanks