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Hello again
I’ve posted a query regarding Samba shares Samba shares access but alas no-one has replied.
Done some further digging around and it look like I will have to manually set up the samba server myself!
Can anyone show me or point me in the right direction how to access and edit the samba config files. I’m not from a linux background so command line is a bit mystifying haven’t a clue how to open files let alone navigate the directories - is there a gui tool i can use??
Any help would be appreciated as I really need to configure this server before the week is out!
many thanks in advance.

Hi Paul,

We’re largely a community of users here - there are a couple of developers who, not all things are responded to in a 24 hour period.

Per your previous post, you need to enable “access based share enum” - It’s not something that the Rockstor UI has been built to manage at this point.
I personally think you’d be better off with the default behaviour and having visible but inaccessible shares.
I’m trying to find a reason as to why inaccessible shares need to be hidden - at least a more reasonable one than “So my parents / kids can’t see my share labelled ‘Ep1c Pr0nz’”

Rockstor’s UI does not include a file manager/editor and the OS is not installed with a GUI at all.
This means that if you truly require this, you’re going to need to use the console.
Also note that Rockstor is fairly likely to overwrite changes to your smb.conf file.

I strongly recommend against modifying files via the console without an understanding of the linux console and the editing tools available to you.

If you continue down this path, you’ll probably want to use nano as the other console text editors have a bit of a learning curve.

You’ll either need to

  • Install the shell-in-a-box module for Rockstor’s UI to get the console accessible in a browser
    Login with the UI credentials you use to access Rockstor
  • SSH to your server using the UI user credentials, or root credentials you set during the installation

From there, sudo nano /etc/smb.conf should get you editing the file in question.
When finished, sudo testparm /etc/smb.conf should tell you whether your configuration file is still valid
Assuming it is, you should be able to restart your samba service with sudo systemctl restart samba

WARNING: By modifying this file from the terminal, you may break your samba config in a way that Rockstor can no longer parse or rebuild it.

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Hi Haioken
Thank you for taking the time to reply to me. I do understand that Rockstor is a community project and is supported mainly by people like yourself, so thank you again.
I have noted your suggestions and I will try to create something that works for my situation - I will post my results later!
Again many thanks for the guidance.