Samba Shares and Active Directory ACL

I am currently trying to setup access rights on all my rockstor shares and I want to use domain users/groups. Active Directory Integration seems to be working fine.

When creating a new share I can choose an owner of the share - this is nice, but I can only choose user accounts here - no groups. I would like to make an AD group owner of some shares - would that be possible? I see that I can also set a group on the share level here, but the only one available to choose is “domain users”

Pretty the same thing with samba-exports - I can choose admin users here, but only users again. Would be great if I could set an AD group as admin user.

Maybe there is another way to achieve what I wanted to do, but I don’t know how? I want shares that are not accessible for everyone, but writable for members of certain ad groups and read-only for others. Any easy way to do this?