Samba Stops working after activation

You can probably do it for multiple at a time, as to how many I’m not sure.

@vesper1978, @kysdaddy’s problem now look much like the one we both chipped in on for @Chavell3 over in the following thread:

Linking for context.

Phill I don’t know enough to be doing this.
Does this appear tou you that I got rpm backed up properly?


[root@rockstorage rpm]# mkdir /backups/
[root@rockstorage rpm]# tar -zcvf /backups/rpmdb-$(date +"%d%m%Y").tar.gz /var/lib/rpm
tar: Removing leading `/’ from member names
[root@rockstorage rpm]# cd /var/lib/rpm
[root@rockstorage rpm]# dir
Basenames __db.001 __db.003 Group Name Packages Requirename Sigmd5
Conflictname __db.002 Dirnames Installtid Obsoletename Providename Sha1header Triggername
[root@rockstorage rpm]# mkdir /backups/
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/backups/’: File exists
[root@rockstorage rpm]# cd /backup
-bash: cd: /backup: No such file or directory
[root@rockstorage rpm]# cd backups
-bash: cd: backups: No such file or directory
[root@rockstorage rpm]# cd /backups
[root@rockstorage backups]# dir
[root@rockstorage backups]#

OK what am I missing and by that I mean failing to comprehend in this section?

Updated info: it looks like the package-cleanup command got a new(ish) switch starting in 7.5: --removenewestdupes which does exactly what the rest of this massive article used to attempt to do manually. Try running package-cleanup --removenewestdupes as a first step before you carry on. If the switch is unknown then you might need to follow the rest of this article. Otherwise it probably already did what was needed and you can rerun yum update and this time, make sure the power’s on/tmux is in use etc.

What does he mean the Switch ? Yes it is unknown hut we are talking five pages of dupes, not a chance I make it through that without completely FUBARing the entire thing

well we will see if I fried it soon.

I couldn’t get package-cleanup --removenewestdupes to do anything but I found this
package-cleanup --cleandupes --removenewestdupes and it seemed to go to town.

I’ll post the postmortem.

Well rockstore has successfully installed
But no web access.
I assume that I’m FUBAR but would love some direction


Yum update cant find mirrors, I can’t ping anything in the network and Ifconfig command not found
Not looking good for me

Have you tried rebooting?

yes several times, no change

Are you able to provide the output from the following commands:

sudo dmesg | grep -i net
sudo ip addr
sudo ip route

|it says sudo: dmesg: command not found

I am logged in as root by the way

If I try just dmesg | grep - inet it returns -bash dmesg: command not found

So it looks like i’m FUBAR on this. I have a ton od data on my storage discs. is there any hope that I can reinstall Rockstor on the usb drive and import those discs without losing my data?


Yeah, you can do a reinstall and not lose the data in those pools.

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I’m not sure if you have followed this whole thread. I have 2 devices one that I just crashed beyond repair.
If I backed up the config on the other system, but the backup was done after the damage to samba, would I want to restore the configuration or would that restore the damage to samba?

One other question: could I switch the discs on the two systems IOW I assume that a new install will import any discs even if they come from a different machine, is that correct?

That should be fine.

Thanks for the help, you have surely walked me back from the cliff on this.


i’m sorry were you answering the disc or the configuration restore question, i read your answer as to the disc question.

Same answer for both.