San Disk SX350 6.5Tb PCI-e SSD - Software Install

San Disk SX350 6.5Tb PCI-e SSD Disk as File Cache.
I got my hands into this butty piece of IT gear. I’m running a video edition work flow with my 2x RS units.

I just got one of this unites. I was able to make it run in Windows 10. I have also firmware is up-to-date.
I just can’t get it running on RS. I think it is related to me not knowing how to install it.

References site fount on the internet. Link >> FussionIO Memory 6.4TB
The current RPM verision on the SandDisk Official Website is
But I have now idea on how to get it to be recognize or install in Rockstor.
Can any one give a hand? There are many RPMs on the official site to be download for multiple linux flavors.

@roberto0610 Hello again.

Can’t help much here but from that rpm’s name:

It looks like it’s geared up to apply to the default CentOS kernel which is 3.10 but we are using a much newer (but still old unfortunately) 4.12 mainline kernel kernel-ml from ELRepo.

So your best bet may be to compile from source, if the drive source is available. Or find a binary version that matches our main line kernel version.

Hope that helps.

This are the Lenevo Oficial IO3 Drives for Linux
My IO3 memory is the 6400GB full hight.

I have also find more drivers that are current and also have a source code from SandDisk but they need an account to access that (I may share if asked). I have taken some screen shoot of the options they have.
Pic1 - Pic2 - Pic3 screen shoot came from this site

As you can see on the SandDisk official driver site. They have lot of options. but I have no idea where to start.

Hi @roberto0610,

Thanks for the screenshots… I actually was about to say that we couldn’t look at their download page because of the “login”-wall (what an annoyance!).

From Pic 3 , they seem to have a source package: the one ending in .src.rpm.

Would the instructions I found below be helpful (look at the README file therein)?

Hope this helps,

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Here it goes a new retry. I’m posting some update here.
I haven’t been able to use my SanDisk SX350 a 6.4Tb SSD drive in a form of a PCI-e Card.
I was able to compile the driver from source right on this server where I need it.

The new driver is called: iomemory-vsl4-3.10.0-957.el7.x86_64- << Look at the screenshot.

Now I don’t know how to install this driver nor how to mount the Driver into my system. RS does not recognize it.
The IO Card shows in my RS system using command # lspci -t -v < < Screenshot
I just have no Idea of how to mount or format this unit.

I search all over. without any luck. Hope someone in the forum can help me out. I do want to use this card to run as a iSCSI Block on to boot some Windows 10 Base server from it as a C Drive. For speed and endurance.

Thank you all. @phillxnet @Flox