Seagate S.M.A.R.T. + Other things

So far really happy with 5.0.9 stuff. The FAH rockon is also working to perfection.

Still have the intermittent Disks status thing going on with the IronWolf drives…

I “WISH” the local IP was given instead of an * on Appliances thing…

Since installing the FAH Rockon, I can’t disable QUOTAS…

All small things to me, the setup has been running flawlessly nonetheless.



Okay, have my NAS setup upgraded from to on the testing channel.

Next is how do I update from to 5.0.9? I forget… it’s been many months since I did the backup setup for testing 5.0.5… zypper update something?



@Tex1954 Hello again.

Assuming we are talking about a different machine here, than your first post (already indicating 5.0.9), and that 4.1.0 was on an older Leap version only. You may be seeing a ceiling in available rpm packages, related to the base OS version.

After each Leap version reaches EOL, we stop releasing rpm packages for it. This goes for both testing and stable release channels.

Latest ‘rockstor’ package versions per Leap

---- 15.1 15.2 15.3 15.4 15.5 15.6
Stable 4.1.0-0 4.1.0-0 4.6.1-0 4.6.1-0
Testing 4.0.1-0 4.1.0-0 4.6.1-0 5.0.9-0 5.0.9-0 5.0.9-0

And in 15.3 we introduced multi-arch repositories - i.e. same repo url provides both the x86_64 and aarch64 packages. For 15.1 & 15.2 we had different repos for each of these two architectures.

But as we have had quite the major changes of late, delaying our installer base OS updates, we have continued releasing rpms for 15.4 for quite some time after it’s EOL.

Anyway, long story (back-ground) shortened: the base OS (Leap version) will restrict available ‘rockstor’ rpm versions offered within the Web-UI.

So if a system is on for example, Leap 15.3, it can’t go higher than

  • 4.1.0-0 (stable)
  • 4.6.1-0 (testing)

As we didn’t build/test rpms after those version in the respective channels.

Those versions match your:

So it may be that this system is held back as it still has a 15.3 base OS. Back then you had to hover the mouse over the “Uses openSUSE” text to get the base OS version. Check that to know if it is the base OS that is limiting your rockstor package version availability.

If the base OS version is the limiting element here, follow our HowTo here:
Distribution update from 15.3 to 15.4 : Distribution update from 15.3 to 15.4 — Rockstor documentation

We have the following rockstor-docs issue to create a new version of that HowTo (we already have an older 15.2 to 15.3 version).

Given Leap 15.6 is around the corner (RC currently); I’m hoping we will have pre-build installers based on this :crossed_fingers:. We already have the appropriate rockstor-installer profile in place ready.

Hope that helps.


Yup, that helps a lot!

I’ll wait for the 15.6 then I suppose… then do both setups at the same time.


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The main NAS is now running 5.0.9 on 15.4 fine. It is also now running FAH fine!
The backup NAS is still running 5.0.9 on 15.5 fine with FAH.

The last update seems to have fixed the Quotas can’t be disabled problem!

The Activity status on the Seagate Iron Wolf drives used in backup NAS is still intermittent.

A future trick will be to see if I can run Rockstor in a VM on my Windows 11 5950X setup once it is done.

Looking forward to a new release to stable updates! Looking really good on my end! The UPDATE on main NAS to 5.0.9 went without a hitch and without disconnecting drives or anything!