Serial console headless install

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Is there any documentation on headless install via serial console?

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I am trying to convert a Netgear RN526X NAS to Rockstor.
This is a powerful Intel Xeon 4-core machine with 32GB of RAM and 6 SATA slots.
The original ReadyNAS is barely maintained by Netgear (stuck on a Debian-8 derived version of an OS).

Problem is, the machine only has a serial console available through a micro-USB connector on the back. I can see initial BIOS boot process there, and can initiate a RockStor install from a USB flash:
But the moment boot process goes into initrd stage, I lose all ability to interact with it. My guess is that the console redirection does not work right, but I have no deep knowledge of openSUSE how to enable that correctly.

My hope is that other people on this list have done it and can share their experience.

@pepsov Hello again.

Take a looks at the following potentially related thread:

Specifically the comments regarding kernel options we already use in our Pi4 and ARM64EFI profiles. It may be that you require a custom build with some appropriate options added to that installers kernel options. They should then take effect in both the custom installer and the resulting installed image. Some experimentation should be possible with the default installer and using the indicated “‘e’ to edit” options. But this may not take you all the way through. But it may help with quickly identifying what gets you further than where you are currently able to get.

There is no real difference in openSUSE as to how it manages such options. Initially one can edit the initial kernel options, but the resulting installed image will revert to the defaults found in the kiwi config referenced in that thread.

Hope that helps and let us know how it goes.

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