Share(home) is owned by root. It cannot be exported via SFTP with root ownership

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@PedroLopes Welcome to the Rockstor community.

From your title it would seem you are trying to share the home share via sftp prior to changing it’s user to non root. But for the system pool shares of home and root (latter removed in later Rockstor) this may be a problem. I would advise that you create a share on your data pool (non system drive pool) and give it a non root owner and then share that via SFTP. Take a look at the following doc section on SFTP and it’s peculiarities re non root ownership:

Secure File Transport Protocol (SFTP)

The system drive default shares do present a problem here so we have, as always, some work to do on our docs by the looks of it.

Hope that helps and do let the forum know how you get on with this. The SFTP access method we use is rather fussy re it’s ownership requirements.

when i create a new share there is no option to change to non root owner ship, and i cant creat a new pool either that option is greyed out and cant click on it

@subw welcome to the Rockstor forums!

You can make the adjustments after you’ve created a new share:

click on the Share Name and go to the Access Control tab:
you should have an Edit button there, that will then allow to change the owner/group and access settings to e.g. something like this:

The fact, that your “Create Pool” button is greyed out, indicates that all of your available disks have already been assigned to a Data Pool.

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The tool tip that appears when hovering over the edit icon states “Edit share compression setting”. I wanted to edit the access permissions, but this tool tip sounded like something else. For a while, I looked for a general edit button or something specific to permissions. Eventually, I clicked on the compression setting edit icon, since it was the only one there, and then I found the access control tab. Just mentioning this for anyone else who might be hesitating based on the tool tip (perhaps I am the only one).