SMB access permission mystery

### Brief description of the problem
I’m running Rockstor and had set up a couple of SMB shares. I’m accessing the shares with files from my OneDrive folder on macOS 10.15.6 (Catalina). Today in Mac I have been getting red minus signs on the corner of share folders, and cannot see the contents. This is a standard macOS Permissions indicator of not having access permission. The same happens to any folder from my Mac account.

### Detailed step by step instructions to reproduce the problem
Any file folder on my Mac I copied to the Share folder would immediately be tagged like this.

Initially the NAS owning user of the share was set in Rockstor as my admin user, which wasn’t known to macOS. But I had had no problems before today accessing and opening files in the folder. I also have a share used by Mac for its Time Machine disk. This has been unaffected by the problem.

Seemed to me this was obviously an access permission issue so I tried:

changing the share owner to a user also defined in macOS - no change
adding in macOS a user with the same name and pw as the initial NAS owner ID - no change

Then, looking for a place to post this problem, I saw another post, different aspect of Samba, where the poster was pointed to the Rockstor Samba documentation, where is says to include the share name after the NAS ip in the connect command. Bingo! The share-contained folders and files appeared OK.

But then I had to restart my Mac, and when it came up the share at issue had the denied permission marks.
I have no idea why this problem occurs.

This is obviously a permission issue. I’ve done a lot of fiddling, trial and error, no luck. For the time being I’m setting up my main data share with guest access, and syncing from my IMac goes well. When things settle down I will sort out the permissions and users.