SMB won't work on Mac. files appear/disappear like magic or haunted

I have errors browsing my Rockstor SMB share on any mac.
I have try fresh install. using 4.0.9.
I have try updated version from stable channel after fresh install.
I have try update version from testing channel after fresh install.

All I do is just copy tons of data about 22TB. and this behavior happen.
All I do after copying the data is connect from iMac, from Mac Book Pro, and from Ryzintosh/hackintosh. And I alway get this same behavior.
Please check the attaced video.
This does not happen when using the previews version of rockstor or any version of TrueNAS nor TrueNAS SCALE.

Does anyone have encounter and solve this error? << Videos. from another rockstor server using a NextCloud rockstor add-on. That also have this error. I have try this with 3 server, also 1 pc built and I alway get this same behavior.

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Hello again @roberto0610,

I recently could update my ability to test Mac clients so I can try to give that a try.
Thanks a lot for the videos as they do seem to illustrate well the problem. I personally have not heard/seen this before so if anybody else here has, please chime in!

My apologies if you describe this in the video but I unfortunately cannot understand the audio (not my language) but I have a few questions to make sure I understand and to try to isolate the possible cause(s):

Do you have any custom configuration for your smb.conf or during the configuration of the Samba service?

What do you mean by previews version? Would you happen to know what was the latest version that did not show this problem?

Do you notice this even when you have a lot less data on the share(s) or is it only when you start to have a lot of data on it/them?

Is this just one Samba export or a multitude of Samba exports?

Sorry for all the questions but I’d like to get all we can to get a reproducer.

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Could you also mention the MacOS version you are running? It seems there were older versions that had some issues with local caching and Samba shares (making folders temporarily disappear, etc.). But that also goes to @Flox question on whether there are custom configurations in your smb.conf.


Hello again @roberto0610,

I agree with @Hooverdan that this really looks like a caching issue, with the mac client maybe browsing a local cache and trying to constantly refresh it… Interestingly, this seems to be a known issue with large shares according to Apple support tickets. See for instance the following:

and then if it doesn’t help, try applying the following (in addition to the first one above):

We can also try to apply some macOS specific enhancements to your Samba exports in Rockstor, but you might already have applied them (that’s why I was asking for that previously). In any case, let us know how it goes.

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In the video what I am sayin is that the files appear and disappear for no reason and that I am not touching the mouse nor the keyboard.
I do have this instructions manual added to the smb.conf

recycle:keeptree = yes
recycle:repository = DELETED
vfs object = recycle

The versoin that does not have this issues is the Rockstor 3.9 based on CenOS7. and olders.
Sometimes it does the same issues event whit share with smaller amounts of data.
I only have one samba share.

I assume, this is a typo in this thread, and not what you have in your smb.conf, correct? It should be recycle:directory_mode = 0777 as far as i know.
May be it’s worthwhile to temporarily remove those entries and check whether the issue still occurs or not? Understood, that you don’t have an issue in other constellations.