SOLVED: I can't get rock-on permissions working!

I am very confused on how to give file permissions to rock-ons such as Sonarr. I have given them a user called services but how do I give that user file permissions. I might be wrong, but I am sure I checked all the documentation on the website? Is this just completly wrong for how Rockstor works? PLEASE SOMEONE!

I get this from Sonarr:
Couldn’t get total space for /config/btrfs/subvolumes/(THE BIG STRING OF NUMBERS AND LETTERS FOR MY POOL)/downloads: Permission denied

I have hopefully addressed some of your question in your more recent (2 hours ago) post.
Rockstor essentially uses the standard unix / linux model of permissions. Although where services such as Samba are concerned that can get more complicated.

Thank you very much. I’ve got it working now. Sorry, didn’t mean to post two and thought that I didn’t post this one. Thanks alot anyway!

@maxharrison Glad you’ve got it sorted and no worries on the posts. Just makes it easier for people to help if replies are not split between threads. Also do keep in mind that issues on the rockstor-docs repo are welcome so if you find them lacking and can pin down specifically how they currently fall short then do open issues there with your specific recommendations. Or it might be better to bring up suggestions here in the forum so they can be refined from other’s perspectives and then opened / recognised as GitHub issues to get sorted.

Thanks for the update on your progress by the way.