[SOLVED] I have not gotten my activation Code

It has been 2 weeks since I sent my payment.

@alexmesfin That’s a surprise. I’ve been checking each one individually have have had reassurance form our SendGrid email along the way that each has been received. Obviously I’ve messed up some where. They are normally sent within 5 minutes and only the problems we have had are with Outlook and co eamils. I’ll continue this in a private message so we can exchange the appropriate info and look up your email on the forum, assuming that is what you ordered with.

Apologies and speak soon via PM.

@alexmesfin I have just emailed your outside of the forum as it uses SendGrid and I see from their records that although you have successfully signed up to the forum I have a blocked email to your email address with the following date/time.

2019/10/23 12:11am The reason was that your email provider blocked SendGrid’s network.

But the same email is not known to our shop or Appman.

Hence me having now contacted you the support email.

Posting here publicly in case you were watching the forum. Please respond to my private email to you and we can track down the email you used for your payment / activation code. As stated earlier I’m not aware of having missed one so very keen to either sort or refund but will need your order details confirmed for this.

I have found however another similar email order against an Alex of another second name so hopefully that is your. Lets continue this in the support email thread I have started with you.