(Solved)Importing/Loading files from USB (FAT Structured)

You’re absolutely right - apologies. I had a moment of brain fade and got the requirements mixed up for another device on my local network that doesn’t support later CIFS protocol versions. I assume Rockstor doesn’t have that restriction (although there are some rumours of swtiching CIFS 1.0 on helping with Windows network discovery). Sorry again.

More generally, the different experiences of those having difficulty with accessing machines on the network by name will likely be tied up with whether they have an implementaton of Zero configuration networking implemented on their machines. For example, anyone installing iTunes will get Apples Bonjour implementation (DNS-SD) which is on various Linux distributions. Microsoft provide Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP) and maybe this isn’t provided by Rockstor. DLNA also has a discovery protocol built-in which is used for TVs and the like.

You might want to add a reference to this sort of thing to the documentation, as a pointer to those who have a puzzling experience. Or explain how Rockstor configures Suse to allow discoverability.

I find fixing the IP addresses of the relevant devices and recording them in hosts file gives my names to my devices in a reliable way. It avoids any dependency on network discovery working or not in whatever variety it might be provided, and avoids having to find out the interface to set the name of machines the way you might want (something you may not be able to do for a simple consumer oriented server e.g. TV, amplifier etc).