[Solved] SSD's in Raid-0 pool died, can't delete shares or pool or disks

What happened during my 2+ months SSD testing is another subject. Fact is, I about killed them all! LOL!!!

In any case, I can’t delete the shares or pools or remove the unmounted disks in Rockstor 4.0.9-0 !

The entire SSD pool/share is dead more or less…


HELP! I can SSH into Rockstor and manually do whatever you say!

Thanks in advance!


@Tex1954 Are both devices still connected to the system still?

btrfs fi show 

for some info.

You may have to take a long way around this as many elements of a pool are interconnected and most want a mount, and so if it’s blocked due to degraded state, and in this case you can’t mount degraded as raid0 has no missing drive capability. But it should be possible to delete the pool in such a state. Otherwise you may have to remove the other member.


If all disks in the pool are removed, you may then be able to remove the pool, possible via the disk as they will then be detached. Let us know a we need better docs on this particular failure scenario. We tend to concentrate on the redundant profiles and in that case one can mount with the degraded custom mount options and service as per usual. However I remember addressing something like this a while ago and it may require all disks to be detached.

Let us know if that helps.

We can hopefully hear of the dead ssd’s story later? And how they went that way, i.e. suddenly or via many bad sectors, or by going read only, or just disappearing (detaching) themselves.

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Well, I went looking all over the place and tried to manually delete the old stuff. Somewhere along the line I messed up and the OS died…

Soooo, I reinstalled 4.0.9 with all the drives disconnected except the boot drive (success!) and then shut down and reconnected all the drives (success!) and with a few clicks back online in better than before shape!


PERFECTLY Recovered!

Now I can finish my documents on my system build and SSD experiences to publish here!

Just call me 100% sold on Rockstor HAPPY CAMPER MAN!