Some Rock-ons not reachable after creating new Rock-On share and new installation of Rock-Ons

after deleting snapshots for the Rock-On share, most of my installed Rock-Ons were not workin anymore.
I tried to reinstall the Rock-Ons, but without success (e.g. owncloud, openVPN, …)
I decided to remove the rock-on share an created a new one. That solved the problem and I was able to install all rock-ons again. All rock-ons are starting now but mariaDB and owncloud are not reachable anymore.
i think the problem is caused by mariaDB. I used the same config on setup and the same databas share. Rock-on is starting without any error but when I try to access dbatabase with HeidiSQL, connection is not possible.
I think owncloud will have the same issue, because database for owncloud is running on the mariaDB docker.
I use Rockstor 4.0.9-0 and SuSE is also up2date.

Which logs should be analyzed?

warm regards

@anborn Hello again.
I can chip in on this bit:

That would do it. The Rock-ons are actually made up of these snapshots. Docker uses btrfs snapshots to for the ‘layers’ that docker images are made up from.

This is a Web-UI failure on our part. We don’t make clear in the Web-UI, or the docs, that the snapshots within the Rock-ons root are the rock-ons themselves; bar their config and data components if the recommended practice of using separate shares (btrfs subvols) for config and data is adhered to.

Our existing doc issue for this is:

Which contains a background reference for this.

Yes, removing the legs of a running rock-on does leave things in a precarious state. However:

is the brute force approach. We do have a script to force remove rock-ons that may have worked for you. We plan to intergrate this currently command line option into the Web-UI in time under an advanced options view.

Hope that helps. Hopefully someone can chip in with some debug help on your database issues. Could it be that during the re-install their ports have changed ?


Thanks Phil, that helps understanding the current approach with Rock-Ons.
I use the same “standard” ports (3306), user & group i used before.

To check if there is a configuration problem, I will unistall mariaDB an install it again with a new share just to check if it woks in general. If so this indicates a configuration issue on my existing database share. If not, it have to be an issue with the docker container linuxserver-mariadb or an issue with SuSE after latest updates.
Other Rock-Ons like nextcloud (with own sqllite DB), netdata and Plex are working as expected after reinstalling them.


Hi @anborn,

Just a thought: are you using the OwncloudHTTPS Rock-on by any chance? If so, maybe you are hitting an issue recently reported by @Alejandro_Longas_Her in our Github repo:

I haven’t had time to look into yet, but I was wondering if you were maybe encountering that one.

The first log at which I usually look is the docker log:

  1. Find the name of the container of interest: docker ps -a
  2. Inspect its logs: docker logs -f container_name
  3. You can also look at the system logs themselves if you prefer using journalctl -u docker as we have a clear indication of the Docker container name and image in the logs in Rockstor 4.

If the error lies on the Rockstor side of things, you can have a look at the Rockstor logs in our Logs Manager (System > Logs Manager), or simply at /opt/rockstor/var/logs/rockstor.log if you’d rather do that from the command line.

Hope this helps, and let us know how it goes.


Hi Flox,
thanks for the hint, but I’m using OwnCloud-Official.

I just installed MariaDB with a new share and it’s reachable. I was able to login with mysql on the localhost and also remote with HeidiSQL. Something must be broken in the old share.

I will now try to recover databases by moving files and folders to the new share.

I hope that works for me, at least for the owncloud database.

No idea what happened but the root cause seems to be that I deleted the snapshots on the Rock-On share.

I’ll keep you informed …

Update 20.10.2021
I installed the Rock-Ons from the scratch and recoverd the personal data afterwards.
MariaDB and Owncloud are running smooth again, but the installation was not possible using the existing shares with the old files for database and owncloud.

Once again I’m happy to have a good backup :slight_smile: