Sonarr docker container sudenly stoped working

HEllo everyone,

I suddenly get this error when starting the container:

Current status: exitcode: 111 error: Error getting container 66cab139de272212adec3d73b0e9f10fa63949453e8ea3154bbf5023a5062802 from driver btrfs: stat /mnt2/rockon/btrfs/subvolumes/66cab139de272212adec3d73b0e9f10fa63949453e8ea3154bbf5023a5062802: no such file or directory

I guess with reinstalling I can fix it. But I leave it for now to proper debug.

Edit: Holly shit… all containers are broken… what the hell happened?

Edit2: Ok, it seems like if you delete snaptshots in the share, it kills all docker images. But uh? I don´t see any housekeeping there? Will be there after a year like 100 gb of snapshots hanging aound?

This has happened to me, i ran emby in a docker and got that error, i thought removing the rockon and reinstalling would fix it but now it’s gone but won’t list the rockon as available. But the error was same as you.

Seems like you need to recreate everything. You can keep the config folders etc. But you need to delete the rocking service and empty the rockon share and install again.

You mean reinstall rockstor? or how have you got it working again?

No, reinstall rockon service in another clean share (the one you select with the gear) than install the docker images again.

how do you reinstall the rockon service, tried changing the share but had no effect - sorry i’ve not got much experience on rockstor.

Remove all docker images, switch off rockon service. create new share.switch share to use in rockon service. Switch rockon service on.