SSL certifcate & Firefox 69

Hello all I’m getting this error when logging on to a local network machine:

There no way to add an exception. This is a new behavior in Firefox.
Anyone have any suggestions as to how to deal with this?

Many thanks

Hi @PaulK!

On all my machines with Firefox 69, clicking the “Accept the Risk and Continue” button allows me to go through and opens Rockstor’s webUI.

What happens when you click this button?

Hi Flox
Yes I can open up the login without problem. I was just wondering why this is being shown - as it wasn’t before and why an exception can’t be added anymore?

@PaulK Hello again.

I think this is just a change on Firefox’s part, ie increasing security by not allowing exceptions to be added any more for self signed certificates or the like. I’m assuming here that your Rockstor machine in on your local LAN and their hasn’t been any changes to your setup bar the Firefox upgrade.

Glad you can still get in though.

Hi Phillip
Yes machine is on my local network, so no issues getting logged in - just wanted to know if that was the case or something else was the issue.