Starting work on a Apache httpd rock-on

i am not real good at this yet so any help is greatly appreciated.

is there some hows tos that anybody could point me to or youtube videos

I have no experience actually coding one, but it involves writing a JSON document to let rockstor know how to configure a docker image. The documentation gives an overview of how the rock-ons work within the UI, while the rock-on registry hosts the existing JSON files and provides more detailed information (see its README).

You can also check out this recent forum post where some further rock-on questions were answered.


does anybody know how to get a lamp docker image or a image that has all of the lamp system in the image

Great idea, but please don’t do it! There are lots of existing docker images, have a look here instead:

for those people that would like to help me with this i have chosen to use this image

i chose this because by what i understand it is a complete website hosting grouping with all the extras that most sites would need

if for some reason i am incorrect or have not made the right choice please post your comments and reasons ether way