Stuck with version 3.9.2-48 (no update shows up)


after a long time I am using my rockstor-N54L system again and I think I still have a valid license running.

But when trying to update it tells me there are no updates and I am stuck with 3.9.2-48. (webinterface)

What can I do?

Thank you,



also via the shell:
[root@n54l ~]# yum update rockstor
Loaded plugins: changelog, fastestmirror Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile


I strongly suspect your particular authentication failure here is down to a know issue that affected a few of our early adopters during the migration to Appman.

It’s a tricky one as folks have to contact me for me to work backwards to resolve the issue. I’ve been posting the following footers in our more recent Changelog entries 3.9.2-# Stable Channel Changelog to encourage folks to contact me via PM (Private Message) to resolve these few cases:

I will respond with the details of the resolution via your parallel support email.

An additional complication here is that you posted publicly both your Appliance ID and activation code so I will be unable to restore these as-was. I’ve now edited the post but as these forum posts are emailed to folks following the forum a change will be required. No worries, just means we have another hoop to jump through though.

Speak to you shortly via support email.