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@magicalyak Hello again.

Yes this is an embarrassing one really. As it turns out, at least for the time being, we are going to have to remove this link from our code. My reasoning on this is laid out in the following related post. Which coincidentally also relates to another recent forum post of yours:

Do you fancy making a GitHub issue for this, as I should have done previously? We just need to have folks re-directed to the forum instead of the now defunct ticket system, along with appropriate rewording to that end. At least until such a system is more viable. Shouldn’t be much of a code change so might make for a good ‘getting started’ (or just quick) pull request for someone.

Thanks again for the nice clean reporting.

and yes happy to create an issue and maybe try a PR also :slight_smile:

@magicalyak Re:

Yes that’s the one. We just need to alter the wording on the dialogs “3. …” option and the associated link. Picture of associated dialog is in the linked forum thread.



Simple fix :slight_smile:

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@magicalyak Thanks for stepping up to that one. Much appreciated. I’ve updated the issue and pr so all we need now is a review and we are sorted.

Will be nice to have this one sorted.

EDIT: would you mind mending the pr link (they both point to the issue) in your last post. Just to ease the way for those less familiar with GitHub; thanks.

I can’t edit my post but