This is a stick(up)

Right, possibly a strange question, but has anyone made a Rockstor emblem sticker to put on the front of their NAS? The case I’m now using has a 25mmx25mm square ‘indent’ for a logo sticker, and I thought it would be fun to have the Rockstor logo there.

I’ve not found a usable high-ish resolution logo image I could somehow use. Black background with the white cloud and orange nas-disk image in the bottom right hand corner is what I’m after.

Any takers…?


@GeoffA Hello again.
We use to have stickers on the shop actually. But I’ve not got any stock of them unfortunately. But will this do:

Should be included in our install’s mirror of this dir structure:


Pretty sure that is the actual sticker graphic used. I don’t think I have access to any others but I’ll have another look soon. But for 25mm square that should be just dandy.

Hope that helps.

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@phillxnet that looks exactly what I’m after, thanks.
I will have a play with that image file in the morning.
Thanks :+1:

That image was perfect, and I’m aiming for something like this:

Imagine if you can the background as a brushed silver effect.