Trying to set share permissions j- Unknown internal error doing a POST to /api/shares/544/acl

Trying to set new permissions on established share.

Owner is root, I want to change it to an AD account
Permissions have Write set to Owner-only, want to add the Group.

error pops up -"Unknown internal error doing a POST to /api/shares/544/acl "

What next?

@MRC-MBU Hello again.

I’m afraid I’m unfamiliar with this bit of our code currently. And I don’t have an AD setup here her replicate.

@Flox does this error ring a bell, or do you have any pointers possible.

In anyone has an idea on this issue do please chip in. AD is not a strong point for me unfortunately.

Apologies for not being of more help here.

You could also look to the Rockstor log and the system log as there may be some more info that could help.

[edit) Oh I forgot to ask, was this seen on v4.* older than this is just too different from what we do currently.


Hi, thanks for this.

This pool and share may be the first I migrate to my current version Rockstor.


Ok, the problem was this share had the immutable bit set, no idea why. I’ve cleared it and now I can set permissions via the web GUI.

Are there any folders in this older version of Rockstor that should, legitimately, have the immutable bit set? I see it’s also set on /mnt2/home and /mnt2/root.


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@MRC-MBU Thanks for the update, and nice fine.

As for immutable bit by default. Nothing on any data pool, but there could be some in the base os rockstor_rockstor pool (v3.*). But I can’t remember currently. A test install using the old installer on say a KVM instance should be able to clear that up thought.

We had a couple of bugs back then (v3 something) where the system would end up leaving immutable bits here and there under corner cases. Sorted now however and we haven’t had a report of such for a long time now. There are a number of threads here on the forum covering this.

are our mount points, for the home and root subvolumes. But there was a deep and long standing bug in v3 concerning the mounting of /mnt2/root. We dropped all that with v4 however and the move to openSUSE helped to root-out that particular one. CentOS and openSUSE have very different system subvolume arrangements and it was quite the task to transition between them on that front. We now only surface and mount the “home” subvol; mainly for continuity in case v3 folks had build some arrangement/expectation around this.

Anyway these directories are also top level mounts for subvols so take great care on that front. If nothing is flaky then don’t worry about it. Our main bug re immutable bit was where folks tried to remove a share and couldn’t.

Hope that helps.