Unable access network after been updated to 5.0.6-0

The Previously was working fine on Windows OS’es and I was not able access any shared folder SAMBA drive after been updated 5.0.6-0 What going on??


yeah 5.0.6-0 broken. me to have same problem. update 5.0.6-0 and every windows access denied.I don’t have any solution. I go safe re install and don’t go no one any update. After mount old disk. and came again every data. But need again create every user, and samba export.

Crap… I have important data and can’t afford to lose the information… Hope someone get quick fix to able access.


if system and data disk diffirent you don’t lose any data. I clear only system disk and install again. after my 60 data disk again import. create again users and same settings. all data geth back.

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I assume you were not able to backup/export settings via the WebUI (Systems menu —> Congig Backup) Otherwise that should at least reduce some of the effort when reinstalling I believe user would be recreated as well, but can’t check as i am away.


I tried that, Still not working… Something wrong with 5.0.6-0 need urgent fix…

@atg2004 ,

If you haven’t already, could you follow the troubleshooting steps listed in the thread linked below?

This should let us know if you are experiencing the same problem.


I did that… Same thing… So, next week, I am pulling off all my files (577GB of worth my hard work data) through SFTP (By WebDrive) or other FileZilla that I can recover it backdoor…


Am I correct in understanding that you are seeing the same error related to the database version? We just want to make sure we are not missing something here.

@phillxnet is currently making this a top priority so a fix may be here soon; it would be great if you would be willing to wait and test the fix that will be released. This is the nature of the Testing channel (Software update — Rockstor documentation) so we would appreciate the contribution. Of course, I completely understand if you can’t.

As mentioned by @hmete1 above, if you kept your data separate from your system disk (the one where Rockstor is installed), then note that only the system disk will be wiped during a re-install; you will then be able to re-import your Btrfs pools. Please carefully read our related docs beforehand: Reinstalling Rockstor — Rockstor documentation. This does refer to our older installer but the principle still applies, especially the section on Data Import (Reinstalling Rockstor — Rockstor documentation).

I am currently keeping a backup test server waiting for testing. When the new update arrives, I will test it and report back to you.@flox


@hmete1 , I agree with you… I am backing up aprox 577GB (6 pairs of HDD/SDD) I had use SFTP with WebDrive software on my WIndows Server to copy it, Pretty slow processing, but pretty fast… Just made batch files to execute it through webdrive apps…



I am currently backing up grand total 577GB of my files (Hard working project files) and I may consider move to TrueNAS because they are design for Business use… I have (2) TrueNAS and it never failed me when I updated every 3 months.

Hope things get quick major patches and need slow it down before anything could happen in future…


Just remember that the this is a test channel upgrade, not a stable one, so things are bound to encounter some issues here, since the dev team is fairly small and we rely on the community to help with feature/functionality testing.

The 5.x branch is also a major overhaul of underlying packages that had been neglected for a very long time due to capacity issues, as well as the major shift from CentOS to OpenSUSE. The plan is certainly to get to the next stable release with all these updated components under the hood quickly, so we can focus once again working through new functional requirements, etc.


I understand @Hooverdan… I can not afford to having “Risk” of issues when this happen.Since Version 4.6 to 5.0.x.xx to next latest version 5.0.6 and it not able access Windows Network. So, therefore I decided to Switch to TrueNAS Core because it very stable and the updates usually 3 months or longer if anything needs to be updates… Now, best wish to all of you and Nice to learn in RockStor…

Again, thank you…

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Thankfully the actual purpose of my NAS, watching Red Dwarf on loop until I pass out is unaffected!!!

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