Unknown internal error doing a POST to /api/sm/services/shellinaboxd/start

Brief description of the problem

Unable to enable ‘Shell in a box’ service

Detailed step by step instructions to reproduce the problem

Fresh install of 4.0.8, updated to 4.0.9. Attempted to start service from service page as well as System Shell page

Web-UI screenshot

Error Traceback provided on the Web-UI

See screen shot, error window is empty :frowning:

@ArmyHill01 Hello again. Well done on getting the 4.0.8 installer built. Did you use a Leap 15.2 or Leap 15.3 profile ?

Have you rebooted since the install took place. It’s possible to use the system prior to reboot but there is something concerning the shellinabox package and it’s systemd intergration, which we fixed upstream actually, that may need a reboot. Worth a try.

Also, for diagnosis, see if you can start the service from the command line it may help with diagnosing the issue:

systemctl start shellinabox
systemctl status shellinabox

The openSUSE shellinabox was last fixed in:


pull request:

And on a dev machine here, Leap 15.3 base from one of our own installers, I have:

Session timed out as I was taking the screen grab.

I’m assuming here you installed from a build installer. Or did you start with a vanilla Leap 15.x base?

Let us know re the service and I’ll try and take a look at this again some soon.

Thanks again for the report. We’ve not had any other reports of this of late but I don’t think it’s that popular a feature. But I can’t actually know.

Hope that helps, at least to know the code involved. And let us know what that service start/status outputs.


I’ve also just tried, in the services page, enabling and disabling the shellinabox service without error. Little switch waited and then moved as expected.

What is the system you are trying this out on. If it’s very slow that could potentially cause an issue. Let us know a bit more info and that may help. We pre-install the shellinabox packge in the installer via:

with some earlier entries that setup the associted repo according the the profile and architecture used to build the installer.

Hope that helps and let us know how you get on. On my system here it all looks to be working as expected so it would be good to know what’s gone wrong with yours as, as always, there can always be bugs.

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This was all done in a VM. I’ve yet to get v4 to install on my hardware due to a kernel panic.
The system is not slow by any means. I still have this VM if you’d like me to troubleshoot further but at this point, I’m really just trying to get an install going and setup some shares and not think about my NAS for a long while :wink:

@ArmyHill01 Hello again.

Try starting a new forum thread with all the details, i.e. hardware exhibiting this panic, version of Leap used to build the installer and the profile used, or which pre-built installer you used from our downloads page etc.

That way hopefully we can narrow down exactly what might be the cause this and hopefully resolve what’s causing it. It may be that your hardware requires a custom kernel option for instance.

Hope that helps.

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Sounds good, appreciate the help!