Unknown internal error turning rock-on off/on

Brief description of the problem

unknown internal error

Detailed step by step instructions to reproduce the problem

turn resilio of and then on to get the error

Web-UI screenshot

Hi @gadgetfr9ak!

I’m going to give it a try and ask you if you could provide a little more information as I’m not sure what could be the problem here. I’m not the most knowledgeable person here but it looks like a problem to get the list of Rock-ons.

  1. Does the “update” button works or throws this error?
  2. Was the resilio rock-on working fine before your turned it off? Have you encountered any problem during its installation?
  3. Is it restricted to the Resilio rock-on?

Sorry I can’t be of much more help for now.

@gadgetfr9ak and @Flox

Apologies but I dropped the ball for a little while and @gadgetfr9ak forum account was, due to an errant post by the automated forum post thing (I think), inadvertently silenced. This should now have been resolved.

Sorry folks, it was a new one on me and not entirely sure how it happened but I’ll know to look another time.


I´m glad we sorted this out phillxnet.
Also big thanks to Flox for the quick reply. Sorry i wasn´t able to answer at the time…