Update the docker list?


I been starting to use Rockstor by weeks and I am very happy with, I have a stable linces. Its just work fine.

In the Rock-ons l noticed the is some outdated docker and I would like to ask there is any plan to upgrade the list? And maybe add some new dockers?

BTSync (https://www.getsync.com/) and Resilio Sync (https://www.resilio.com/)
are the some by years (I guess).
and zoneminder is outdateed is well.

I really would like to see Seafile in the repo, unfortunatly I am not able to doig by myself.

@noorbertt Welcome to the Rockstor community.

Glad you are liking Rockstor.

This is an ongoing effort and we do have quite a few updates / additions that have been committed but have yet to be published. See the history of changes on the following page:

rockon-registry commits history

However Rockstor’s behind the scenes infrastructure is currently undergoing some changes and that is delaying the public ‘push’ of these changes. Hopefully this should be a short lived thing and we can, with the new infrastructure in place, start to release changes more rapidly.

But yes some Rock-ons haven’t received much attention. We mostly depend on community contributions for the maintenance of this repository but I do intend myself to put some more time into updates once I’m done with getting the hosting server arrangement into it’s newer form.

You might be surprised. Take a quick look at the following instructions on creating Rock-ons:

Each Rock-on definition is just a single json file.

You might also be interested in the current, as yet unpublished, list of Rock-ons which is now significantly larger than our published list that appears in the Web-UI:

But as yet Seafile Rock-on. But I have now added a GitHub issue to note your request:

Hope that helps and thanks for helping to support Rockstor’s development via a stable subscription.


@phillxnet already detailed everything, but I simply wanted to add more regarding the Seafile request.

There already has been demand for Seafile, and quite recently @TexasDex shared his attempt at it. As you can see in the forum thread linked below, Seafile was displaying a rather odd behavior that I unforunately haven’t had more time to dig further. It may have been related to the upstream docker container, however, so maybe a newer version of it may give better results. See the thread below:

Would you be willing to create an issue in the rockon-registry repository for each of the rock-on you noticed were outdated? Some of them may have already been updated but yet to be published as @phillxnet explained, but if there are other that need refreshing, it would be very helpful to have a list so that we can remedy the problem.


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I noticed those 3 yet (zoneminder, bitsync and resilio) but I will try few more exaple home assistant soon and I will make a issue.

Thanks guys the quick reply

Thanks a lot!
Make sure to have a quick look at the opened and closed PR / Issue on the rockon-registry repository as well, as these names sound very familiar to me and I feel they were updated recently (I could, of course, be completely wrong about that).