Upgrading from an old release?

Anything that’s going to cause a problem if I try to upgrade a rockstor VM that’s been offline for 3+ months?
Can’t see anywhere obvious where it says the version but the kernel is Linux: 4.8.7-1.el7.elrepo.x86_64

It’s also entirely possible that’s not a standard rockstor kernel.

Essentially this is a Rockstor VM running on Proxmox 4.4-13 with the HDD’s passed through, however the motherboard in the machine had died and as it was remote I hadn’t had chance to go retrieve it until this week.

Rather than wait for an RMA on the motherboard (C2750-d4i) I’ve just grabbed an A8-7600 and ITX board and rebuilt the machine, since it’s going to live at home now I don’t need the IPMI.

Good news is I’d passed through the disks using UUID’s so other than having to change the number of vCPUs allocated I didn’t have any issues getting the VM to boot and detect the disks.

Also I’ll want to change the IP at some point to integrate it with the home network.