URL not working

I have just installed the software on my pc and get to a point where I am informed of my IP address and told to log in. However, when I type the IP into a search engine the page is not available. Any help?

Search engine? Can you take a screenshot or photo of where you are trying this?

@mattyvau into the url bar at the top of chrome?

Can you ping the IP address from another computer on your network?

I don’t think I have the right ip, what commands do I need to enter on the rockstor os to produce an ip?

@mattyvau I’m wandering if this is another instance of http instead of https?

@Harry_Irving we only support https for the Web-UI. So you will need to make sure that your use that in front of the ip that is displayed on the Rockstor machine.


And then accept the self signed certificate warnings to proceed to the Web-UI.

Hope that helps.

might be a stupid question but if the pc running rockstor is connected via ethernet do i have to access it via another device connected via ethernet or can i use wifi?

As long as both machines are on the same network it should work, regardless of your connection (I can access my Rockstor webUI from my phone, for instance). If you’re still having connection issue, the most likely reasons would be:

  1. what @phillxnet mentioned: forgetting the use of https over http (I actually thought I was doing it wrong the very fist time myself because of that).
  2. what @mattyvau wanted to check, i.e. that the two computers can talk to each other, hence asking whehter you can ping your Rockstor IP from a different computer on the network.
  3. something wrong on Rockstor’s side. In this case, the output of systemctl status rockstor-pre rockstor-bootstrap rockstor on the Rockstor machine could bring some insight.

Hope this helps,

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its all good, but thank you all for your help, very new to this as you can probably tell :slight_smile:

@Harry_Irving Glad you got it working in the end.

Out of curiosity, and to help others experiencing the same difficulties, do you know what in the end was causing your problem. These kinds of interactions can also help us with having better documentation so others trying Rockstor for the first time after you are hopefully given better/clearer instructions. Or for those simply searching the forum for problems they are having in getting going for instance.


For some reason I couldn’t access my WiFi, it wouldn’t let me connect, which I assume is why the i wasn’t given a working IP address for the system. I then connected via Ethernet and it all worked out thankfully.