Using bcache with Rockstor?

Hey Folks
I am about to build my first NAS and evaluating choices. The h/w is a J1900 mobo with 2x4GB DDR3L I purchased many years back but never used (I just chanced upon it lying in the cupboard) and the HDDs are Toshiba 8+4TB Surveillance drives in JBOD. I got surveillance drives because they are about $80-100 cheaper than NAS drives, my usage is for single person with <5 devices anytime and usage is going to mostly streaming videos, collecting network data exports from my Wifi router using collectd for 24x7 Traffic Monitoring & Analysis, and also serving as a backup device for my desktop. I also got a 16GB Intel Optane ssd with its relatively high TBW compared to SSDs to use as a caching device. The idea is to let bcache convert all random writes into sequential and also speed up random reads using the persistent cache - this should help offset any disadvantages of using surveillance drives optimized for streaming sequential data.

So the question is - Can I initialize the BTRFS HDD as a backing store for bcache using Rockstor? Is there anything that would prevent me from doing this?

Hi @G0bble, and welcome to the community!

While bcache isn’t officially supported by Rockstor, we do have several users who have used it and probably are currently using it; it should thus be recognized by Rocsktor. I personally haven’t tried it, though, but I would point you towards @phillxnet’s notes on it below:

Please note, however, that these notes are now a bit old, and I’m not sure of how much difference (if any) there would be in our new openSUSE base. I would thus point you towards a more recent post by @phillxnet with some bcache mentions of interest:

Hopefully some current bcache users can chip in here to provide their input as this would be more helpful to you.

In any case, good luck with your endeavor, and I hope I was able to at least give you a few interesting bits of information.