Using Network UPS Tools to control when loads connected to the UPS come on

I was setting up a TrippLite UPS more specifically the SMART1000RMXL2U model and the way I have it set up is I have a network switch plugged into one load and the PC plugged into another load on this UPS model. Is there any way I can configure the UPS using NUT to have the load containing the PC to delay its boot up by 10 minutes for example to allow the other load to turn on before it?

Hello there,

only the basic configuration of UPS NUT is possible via the web ui.
There is more configuration possibilities in CLI mode but I believe it would be better to ask the UPS NUT people for help.

In the mean time I see your UPS is supported by the driver usbhid-ups:
Maybe check the documentation, if your requirement is possible to realize.

Good luck!


could you use the parameter outlet.2.delay.start (or outlet.1.delay.start) to drive the delays between one load vs, another?

Checking out this portion of the manual:


That was the configuration I was playin around with but every time I start it I get the message saying its an experimental driver and it failed to start

Interesting, and it’s using the usbhid-ups driver mentioned @aremiaskfa?
I also assume the management software that came with the UPS cannot be used in this case?

Ya the UPS is using usbhid-ups and the other loads are using a clone driver to allow for the controlling of the loads

Got it.
Unless there is someone in the forum that has spent more elaborate time on configuring NUT in a similar scenario, I suspect you might have to ask in the NUT mailing list for this scenario …
Let’s hope, somebody here knows in more detail how to handle this (or the caveats that come with it).