V4.6 Stable Channel Changelog


Released in Stable Channel updates on 18th July 2023.
Leap 15.4 & Tumbleweed.

Our first Stable Channel release under our new Open Collective.

As for every initial stable release before it, this exact rpm first appeared at the end of a testing channel phase. Please see the full history of the last testing channel cycle for a full changelog.

Peculiar to this release we have already begun our 4.6.0-0 Maintenance release phase:

given we had originally marked 4.6.0-0 as our First Stable Poetry release:

However the best laid plans etc! See the following for more context on our now removed Shopify dependency:

So another win - but another delay incurred. But here we are and from here we proceed.

Testing old and new again

This last testing phase was another long one. We had planned for a far earlier stable release but in January of this year our ageing build system (cutting edge when we adoped it :slight_smile: ) finally fell into upstream abandonment! We are older that we look. Alas; we wiped out the old and paved-in a new Poetry build systems that was planned, as always, for ‘later’: and we are now far better off as a result. We have also now become the long planned non-profit/non-business via the fantastic efforts of the Open Collective and are fiscally hosted by Open Collective Europe. All important steps in our larger goal of sustainable open source development.


Thanks to all our contributors and Open Collective members for where we find ourselves. We are, I think, now settling in to what should be shorter stable and testing cycles with the goal of smoothing out the larger changes required, as best we can. New installers containing this rpm version should be available as resources allow.

I, as the current maintainer, would like to personally thank @Flox and @Hooverdan, and of course the project founder and prior maintainer @suman_chakravartula, for their sterling and steadfast fastidiousness here on the forum and through the project as a whole. The Rockstor Project is all of us: - if you find it useful and/or of interest do consider backing us with an Open Collective membership and/or with any skills your have. We are predominantly an Open Source community endeavour. And every little, or big, helps.


Hi Rockstor Team,
Many thanks for the stable update.
Yesterday I tried to install it but it didn’t work the first time.
Then I remembered I had disabled the rockstor repo (as mentioned in this forum due to errors messages).

After reenabling the rockstor repo the update went very quick and smooth.

Thanks again for all the hard work.