View ongoing terminal logs on headless machine?

Can anyone tell me how to do this? Opening system shell opens a new terminal instance so I’m unable to see where the system is with its latest processes, errors, etc… Thanks.

That depends on which logs you’re looking for.

Rockstor provides access to many of them via the System > Logs Manager menus selection.

Or, once you open a shell (or login to the machine via SSH), you can look at the logs. Many are stored in /var/log as you would expect. Suse likes the journalctl command.



If you need full control and visibility of what is happening you would probably need something like an ip-KVM switch like is described here as a DYI project (something I’ve been looking into for fun, but haven’t got around to implement):

They even offer a pre-built version of this, and of course, there are other ready to plug in solutions (usually substantially more expensive) out there.


Thank you both, that’s perfect.