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some days after me access my nas . it has not responded. and not work web-ui access i restart it . but nas had not start l see this error. I trying to solving some videos or google but no solution. please sir help me.

@deepak Welcome to the Rockstor community.

From your screen shot we have:

blk_update_requesst: I/O error, dev sda, sector 16766592
BTRFS error (device sda4): bdev /dev/sda4 errs: wr 674, rd0, flush0, corrupt 0 ...
ata4.01 failed command: WRITE DMA
ata4.01: status: { DRDY ERR }
ata4.01: error: { icrc abrt }

This in short means your system device/drive/hdd is failing to allow writes to the system pool (ROOT). And has done this before 674 times (wr = write).

This looks like a hardware failure on the system drive/device to me.

Hope that helps.

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If you have not created any shares on your system disk, and only on your data pool, then your data should still be available to import after a new install.

Be very careful not to overwrite you data disks when re-installing using a new/replacement system disk.

You should disconnect all other devices except the new system disk for the re-install: to be safe. Then after shutting down the new install, re-connect all your old data disks and import them via:


Hope that helps.


yes, sir attack my nas from brute force attack. port 22 [SSH] 13%20PM_LI
please sir other solution. please help me.

@deepak Hello again.

Only solution is to replace system (OS) drive. Drive looks to be dead.

ata4.01: failed command: READ DMA

Means the hardware can not do a read from this drive. So now you have drive that can not WRITE or READ.

This means very likely a dead system disk/drive/device.

Solution is new Rockstor install on replacement or new system disk.


Hope that helps.

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netname:        SIMCENTRIC-HK182016003
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Normal for internet accessible systems to have constant login attempts.