Well, not dead yet... and I can walk again!

Some may know, others may not, so here it goes…

I’ve been in the midst of serious medical problems and haven’t been able to work for two years.

As it happens, I am retired now but had planned to keep working. The problem was, my legs were going bad and my feet were going numb. The doctors tried angioplasty and stents and more angioplasty to save my legs, but it didn’t work. Eventually I couldn’t walk across the street or go up my stairs. I also had an aneurysm above the totally blocked junction from the aorta to the femoral arteries in my legs. If it popped, I would be dead in minutes.

My choice was lose my legs or have major surgery. I elected to have the surgery on July 13th this year.

I am happy and sad to report the following:

  1. I learned what is worse than torture.
  2. I learned the Angels that supported me for a week in the ICU are truly that.
  3. I learned what it’s like to have a catheter and bag in place for a month.
  4. I learned they load you up with saline (7-8 liters) before and during surgery to keep your body from going into shock.
  5. I learned what true friends are in time of need.
  6. I learned that prayer and pushing the pain med buttons helps a lot!
  7. I learned what it’s like to be cut from sternum to groin and groin to upper legs.
  8. I learned what a miracle it is doctors have the skill and technology to save my legs.

I can report that NOW I can walk again, but everything else pains terribly. It will be at least 2 more months before I am allowed to exercise and lift over 10 pounds.

The procedure is called

Aortobifemoral Bypass

Well, things being how they are, my new computer construction has halted and reporting of some things are about nil right now. Sorry about that.

I enclose a picture 2 weeks after the surgery and a funny.


Recently the staples were removed and my friend who drove me to/from the hospital said:

"Well, at least your less magnetic now!

That gave me my first laugh in weeks and it hurt like hell to laugh, but it was worth it! LOL!

I’m still in pain, but slowly healing… another month or two should see me better recovered.

Keep on keeping on!



What an ordeal! Glad you seem to be on a (somewhat rocky) road to recovery. I hope, there will be the day where you can laugh again without crying because of the pain it causes.
“less magnetic” classic!

Wow what a story. This was a close call.
Glad you can walk again.

I wish you strength for the recovery.


Howdy folks,

Had a setback… something (probably statins I was taking for a year) created or caused very large kidney stone to plug my right kidney and another partially clogged my left kidney. Still numb from previous surgery, I felt no pain, but ended up passing out and cracking ribs. After ride to ER, CT scans and tests showed right kidney shut down and left nearly so, system going septic and UTI other infections. Fortunate for me, fast surgery that day placed J-Stents in my kidneys to bypass the plugs. I go back in next week to see if the stones are hard calcium based or softer kind. Further surgery to break them up if necessary…

Sigh, meanwhile, life goes on…

Got a new UPS on my Rockstor boxes now… so that’s good.

Happy New Year and all that.


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Man, what a saga. Hope, this will be behind you soon! All the best for your recovery and hopefully no more surgery.

@Tex1954 Sending you my thoughts and prayers. What a time you have had of late!

Oh, and of course Happy New Year :slight_smile:


Turns out only able to put one stent in right kidney at Baptist in Paducah,KY where I live… then had to wait for it to be removed and things to heal last month.

Now that the stent on right kidney is out, left kidney needs different surgery at hospital in Nashville, TN. So, in the process of getting that done, need more CT scans and antibiotics. Hopefully, will be ready for surgery at Vanderbilt in another week or two at most. Antibiotics and tests have to complete before then.

There is light at the end of the tunnel though. The main surgery and recent tests show all the previous problems are corrected permanently! No more worries of aneurysm popping or legs coming off!

More good news, my Rockstor main system is working perfectly with the new UPS installed and survived many power glitches so far.

Thanks for caring! I’m not going away yet!


PS: This is what is going to be done at Vanderbilt in Nashville:

Left Kidney Procedure


@Tex1954 Hello again.

Nice to hear. Thanks for the update.

As always keep us posted.

Welp, finally had that PCNL surgery on BOTH kidneys July13 and still healing from that. Ribs okay now, hip still a small problem for future as is the back surgery… I also have (easy peezy) cataract July 25th one right eye… Sigh… dang drama body a pain lately.

NAS setups seem to be working since I added 2 more HD’s to the main setup… will test for errors during scrubs later…

Progress: I actually was able to mow and wack my front lawn and sides of the house last week! Wow… first time in 3 years almost… paid for it the next few days but still pushing! LOL!

New machine is still being tweaked but generally runs fabulously! Love those 32 threads! Seems the denser DRAMs won’t run as fast as lesser sticks, but no biggy… hardly affects the performance. Pics shows difference between clear Tygon tubing (left) vs. Primochill (right). I use Corsair Fluid and obviously the right isn’t so clear as left. I was going to use all black tubing but decided I wanted a view of things…

Have to change one of the top fans also… 5950X setup uses two 280mm radiators and D5 pump and Temp sensor…