Write Access Jellyfin

Brief description of the problem

I try to use Jellyfin Mediaserver on the Rockstor-Nas and for showing content it’s working fine. But I’m not able to delete anything. Jellyfin has UID and GID of the Share Owner and the Access is allowed for all(Permissions 777).
How can I give Jellyfin the Write Access to my Media?


@Felix, for your content files, what are the owner/groups, can you tell? I have run into a similar problem with Plex in the past, and it was related to the files being owned e.g. by root, but the share and plex user were the same, so I could not control deletion from the Rockon itself, until I changed that.


Yes it seems the same thing
After some struggling with that I discovered that I accidently changed the owner.
So I changed It back and it worked.
But I still don’t know why it didn’t work with the right group.

Owner was Admin/users
Jellyfin was ‘Username’ /users

But now it works fine.
As next I try to reduce the write access to 755