Write lastlog failed; No space left on device

I think it was my rock ons, I turned them off and uninstalled them. But I may have done something in the wrong order as it won;t let me reinstall LL now.
Should I post the error in a new thread or continue here?



I’d go for a fresh thread, make sure to specify as much of the problem as possible, including possibly deleting snapshots that were actually your docker containers: Rock-ons are docker wrappers and docker uses btrfs snapshots to manage it’s layers on Rockstor. I think we have a work around for this situation though but can pop that in hopefully in context against the new thread and so should make for an easier find for others on the forum rather than being buried deep in this now pretty long thread which concerns the system drive out of space thing.


Just a heads up, your instructions saved me again.
This time one of my wifi cameras was set up wrong in ZoneMinder and my system drive was filling up with messages .
I ran tail -f /var/log/messages as you advised in this thread for a different issue and that showed the log running constantly from one specific camera. then I simply had to find the setting that I had put in incorrectly and voila!

Thank you once again sir.


@kysdaddy Thanks and glad you got it sorted.

We will have to add this to our fancy built in logger, I believe it was simply an over-sight that it was not originally included. Any takers on this one (ie adding /var/log/messages to the build in Web-UI log utility)?

By way of a guide the original pull request by the venerable and occasionally prolific @Flyer was:

but note that much of the code has changed since then: but it servers as a guide to how it was originally implemented and I don’t think that has changed much. So if anyone wants to add the mysteriously missing /var/log/messages to this utility that might be a good place to see how @Flyer originally did it.

Hope that helps to encourage any would be committers.

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