ZoneMinder 1.30

Zoneminder 1.3 Console stops

every day when I open the console it shows stopped and has no access to the cameras. I click start, the connection is made and all is good. I assume that the Rockon is timing out/sleeping but have no clue where to go to correct the issue.!

@kysdaddy Hello again.

I don’t know about this but it reminds me of something @glenngould posted in the following thread:

which seems to relate to 1.30.

Fairly impressive camera count you have there. I’ve only setup a 1.29 variant myself and then only with a single camera. Might make of an interesting post re the hardware involved to support these, ie frame rate / resolution achieved etc.

Hope that helps and maybe @glenngould can chip in on this one also.

Thanks Phil,
As with everything else Rockstor related your post pointed me in the direction I needed to look to make improvements, if not correct the issue.
I made changes to the Buffer on each camera in Zoneminder, set analysis FPS of 500 with no setting the log often showed 1000.
I also logged into the individual cameras Webui and reduced the FPS by half on the sub stream and 25% on the main stream.
As always I have no idea where this will lead and how it will affect the system. I also reduced the sensitivity on all of the cameras so that perhaps the system will stop setting off alarms and recording every insect in town.

So far so good, system state is steady Green/OK

I’ll update on the quality after I have something to compare.

Thank you Sir!


@kysdaddy Thanks for the update and your welcome.

Thanks, it would be good to have a known working config sketched out for this size of zoneminder install used in the Rockstor / Rock-on context. Maybe, once settled in, it could form an article of it’s own. I’m interested in moving an install I look after over to the 1.3x variant soon so it would be good to get to the bottom of any reliability issues as that is entirely inappropriate in such a setting.

Have you tried the open source android app mentioned in our ZoneMinder Rock-on write up? It moved over to 1.30 as a minimum zoneminder version a little while ago, I have some trivial doc commits to the project on GitHub a couple of years ago. It’s available on Google Play also which is nice.


ZmNija, absolutely. That was one of the main reasons I chose to use ZM.
Unfortunately during setup of the system I discovered that the Cameras that I purchased on Aliexpress came with CamHi a fairly robust Android and windows program that works very well with the Pan, tilt and zoom features included with some of my cams.
To be honest, it would be great if there was a docker for CamHi but that is way beyond my skill level . It will manage recording but I have shied away from spreading cctv across two different systems. However as I type this I can’t help but wonder if that might not be better. Maybe I’ll set them both up to record and see what happens.

I’ll update later

Hey I am still having touble with the console stopping once I close the webpage,
Does anyone have any suggestions to keep it running on Rockstor even if I am not looking at the cameras?