After 1st boot, no way to access web ui

So I am a brand new user (coming from Freenas). I just downloaded 3.8.15 and completed the install – everything went very smoothly until I rebooted. RockStor seems to boot up and when it completes all I get is a login screen – no IP address information, no welcome message, nothing. If I log in with my admin credentials I can run an ifconfig get the IP and then connect via HTTPS.

So what did I do wrong? Or is there an issue in the latest build that prevents the IP from displaying on bootup?

@ravensorb Welcome to Rockstor.

There is an issue with this console update code but I had thought that when no ip was displayed, when the console beats the dhcp to the punch, that the message indicates one can press enter to receive an updated message; which if all is well should then contain the ip.

That was the previous behaviour in the above circumstance but it may now have fallen out of kilter when the main part of networking was updated to include network teaming etc. I’m afraid console messaging in Rockstor hasn’t received much attention lately as it is expected to run headless.

On my test machines here I do see an ip displayed in the console.

Hope that helps.

Thanks. If your curios, I installed Rockstor 3 times just to make sure I didn’t do anything wrong :slight_smile: All three times resulted in the same outcome – no IP message at startup (just a login prompt).

@ravensorb Well done on persevering. Did the message ever invite you to press enter (presumably not), in which case we have a bug for sure. Also on first boot directly after install Rockstor can take a couple of minutes to settle while it does a bunch of initial setup stuff. What is your experience now that you have it installed, does the console every display the ip for you, even after pressing enter.

Again this area has been neglected for a bit.

Do feel free to open a GitHub issue over at the rockstor-core repo with your findings so that we might improve things in this area. Or we could improve on the network broadcast side of things.

I’m afraid I can’t look into this myself right now as already occupied in disk role enhancement.

We have had a related report of late on the forum by @m3elloa who noticed their console ip was not updated in certain circumstances, but it was at least displayed for them:

Thanks for reporting this and tripple checking thus far.