Announcing Rockstor 3.9.1

Hello Rockstor Community!

I am happy to announce Rockstor 3.9.1 This is a pretty heavy release where we’ve added several new features. I’d like to highlight @phillxnet’s Disk encryption support via LUKS which is a major feature. Phil has also added documentation, so this is really a treat! @Flyer contributed new features in the power management, to let you schedule power up/down etc… Pretty cool!

We have two new contributors in this release @KaiRo-at, and @dilli, which makes this release extra special. @ganti_priya made some fixes to UI which we’ll all find useful. Finally, I’ve managed to fix issues and also add Jumbo-Frames support. Woohoo!

More information about this release can be found in this blog post. As you may know, dev log has all the information about the work done to make this release.

You can download the latest 3.9.1 ISO from the downloads page

I am going to be off for the next couple of weeks. So you may not hear from me much. But I am looking forward to start working on the next release soon as I come back.

Please support us by subscribing to stable updates. Here’s a discount code for first 25 subscribers: ROCKSTOR391. Thanks for being a member of our community!


Which Centos release is this based on (please say Dec 16!)?

@tazzydemon No announced change since the last release on this one: ie 1511 not 1611 from rockstor-iso repo issue #12 is my assumption.