Force RockOn cleanup in postgres

Have we considering using a script to force a cleanup in postgres in storageadmin for rockons, dcontainer, dcontainerenv, dport, dimage, etc with a big warning? This would be very beneficial for anyone with a container stuck removing or other strange scenario.

  1. If someone manually removes the container outside of rockstor, this would be needed, otherwise the UI acts as if it’s still installing or removing the rockon.
  2. For testing custom rockons, this is also beneficial
  3. using a script in /opt/rockstor/bin may be the best path also

Ideally, a flag could toggle an extra option to do this in the UI and perhaps a script, like the debug mode, could trigger it?

Just a thought…

@magicalyak Hello again, good ideas.

Have you had a look at the currently undocumented:

It was added to ‘force’ remove ‘problematic’ named rock-ons. One at a time, and might be a good place to start with extending such ‘emergency’ maintenance tools re rock-ons.

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@magicalyak Just tracked down the issue this script was added against.

and the associated commit:

Hope that helps.

Yes, it’s the same issue, you guys already thought of this :slight_smile: