How-to Infiniband on v4 "Built on openSUSE"

Brief description of the problem

I’ve had a report via support email that we don’t support Infiniband out-of-the-box in our v4 “Build on openSUSE”!
I’m totally unfamiliar this this hardware, and don’t have any myself, but given our current Leap 15.3 base is now mostly binary compatible with SLES SP3 and this OS is listed here:

It would seem entirely possible for us to work just dandy with such hardware even if it required proprietary drives, although many entries there are GPL licenced so likely already included in additional packages (see below). I’ve opened the following issue in our installer to attempt an out-of-the-box functionality for this hardare but the indicated package addition is, from my support email interaction, inadequate:

On the now legacy CentOS base we have @dfortier & @Craig contribution on how to get such hardware up-and-running in this following thread:

@clink From the following forum thread:

You appear to have InfiniBand up and running. Would you be able to advise on what is needed for this to be make available to all. I’d really like to be able to have a doc How-to that we can point folks at as this seems to represent a regression from our prior CentOS base, but I very strongly suspect its just a missing package or differing familiarity on setup that we can ‘sort’ via a new How-to. But I need the How so I or someone can do the ‘to’ in the docs.

We also have in our default repos for a 15.3 profiled/based Rockstor v4 the following:

rleap15-3:~ # zypper info ibutils
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

Information for package ibutils:
Repository     : Leap_15_3
Name           : ibutils
Version        :
Arch           : x86_64
Vendor         : SUSE LLC <>
Installed Size : 1.7 MiB
Installed      : No
Status         : not installed
Source package : ibutils-
Summary        : OpenIB Mellanox InfiniBand Diagnostic Tools
Description    :  
   The ibutils package provides a set of diagnostic tools that check the health
   of an InfiniBand fabric.

   Package components:
   ibis:     IB interface - A TCL shell that provides interface for sending various
             MADs on the IB fabric. This is the component that actually accesses
             the IB Hardware.

   ibdm:     IB Data Model - A library that provides IB fabric analysis.

   ibmgtsim: An IB fabric simulator. Useful for developing IB tools.

   ibdiag:   This package provides two tools which provide the user interface
             to activate the above functionality:
               - ibdiagnet:  Performs various quality and health checks on the IB
               - ibdiagpath: Performs various fabric quality and health checks on
                             the given links and nodes in a specific path.

But I’m again unfamiliar with what else might be needed. Even if our Web-UI doesn’t support the new names or whatever there is always nmcli for now. But we need some guide to track/report who this hardware is put into play in v4.

Thanks all and do please chip in here if you have any knowledge in this area. I’d be happy to tend to Rocksor Web-UI enhancements if need be but we initially need step-by-step instructions on getting off the ground with this device family.

Do they already work? Do we need additional drivers? Any help here would be appreciated.

I’ve liked the indicated support email reporter to this forum thread as a starting place for our efforts to make this so. We can’t have folks stuck on v3 just for the sake of an additional pre-installed package or two!!